6 Ways to Hate Homeschooling

In the last 11 years, I’ve had my ups and downs with homeschooling. We didn’t start this thinking that we would be “lifers”, but here we are, with our oldest entering his Junior year of High School. I think it’s safe to say we fall squarely in the homeschool camp. Most of the tips I’m sharing with you are mistakes I’ve made over the years. Educating your children at home is NOT for the faint of heart, and if you’re doing any of these, let’s evaluate and change some things.

Here are 6 surefire ways to make you hate homeschooling:

1) Stop taking care of yourself. Become a martyr mom and put everyone’s needs above your own. Don’t rest or exercise or make eating well a priority for yourself, but tell yourself “I can sleep when they graduate.” Don’t take time away to do what makes your heart come alive. Spend every waking moment serving others without considering filling your own tank. Don’t spend money taking care of your own health needs.

2) Make your kids do desk work for hours on end. Don’t get creative and think outside the box. Heck, you could even tie them to the desk (just kidding). Make sure they don’t get up and move around often and make sure they have absolutely no outside playtime or exercise of any kind. They need to get into college! Do more desk work!

3) Let outside pressures influence you. Compare your children to others and question every move you make. Constantly look to what someone else is doing or what new program is out and cave to peer pressure. Don’t have confidence in the process and let questioning family members, neighbors, or friends ruffle your feathers.

4) Fly by the seat of your pants on everything. Don’t have a routine or any semblance of a schedule. Let everything happen organically, even meals and house work because that is where true freedom lies. Feel like you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off every day. On that note, say yes to everything and over schedule your life and your family’s life. Do they need help at church? You can do that. A business needs your help pro-bono? You can do that. Every kid wants to do a different extracurricular activity? Sure, sacrifice family time and do it. Small groups and church during the week? Make time for it. A co-op or an association is in desperate need? Fill the need. Never say no. You can help, there are needs to fill.

5) Put your marriage on the back burner. Spend all your time, energy, and resources solely on your children. Forget saving something for your spouse. Don’t waste time going out together or hurt the children’s feelings by not including them in every part of your day and night.

6) Forget spending time with God. You are too busy. You can’t read your bible when there is so much to do. There’s no time for a proper “quiet time” so you might as well not even try. You no longer work on your personal growth and development or your spiritual growth because everything else takes precedence.

All of these can lead to disaster as a homeschool mom. The exciting part is, if you are caught up in any of these, you can change! If you are stressed, overwhelmed, or unsure of what to do next, let’s talk. Shoot me an email! I am currently taking on a few consulting clients and I’d love to help you find hope and enjoyment in your homeschool. I believe and I know that it IS possible! It may take some work. It may take you changing some habits. It may take a stash of chocolate. But, if you are committed to this important work of educating your kids, then it’s worth whatever it takes to make sure you can keep it up.

Always in your corner,

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