Breaking the Silence

I’ve been silent for over a year. Well, not entirely, just here on the blog. My husband can confirm that I’m rarely ever silent. I took the last year to reflect on a few things in my life and honestly I was ready to scrap this website all together and move on. I felt discouraged that I was unable to take this blog where I wanted it to go at the time.

I came to a conclusion a few days ago that changed my perspective and how I’m approaching this space on the web. I want to write. It’s in my bones. I would like to increase my skill and ability in the area of writing. Without regular practice, that is not possible. This space is my place to practice.

I would love for you to be apart of this journey. I would love your feedback, your input, your likes, and dislikes. But I’m not really doing this for you, or for page views, or for money. I’ve decided this is just something I want to do and if you want to come along with me, there’s plenty of room on this crazy train.

I can’t promise you consistent content. I’m probably going to talk about homeschooling and our adventures (or misadventures) in our attempts at backyard homesteading. I’ll definitely talk about womanhood and motherhood. I may share a recipe occasionally, or articles on health, and I may share my faith. If any of that bothers you, no hard feelings. Unfollow, unlike, and we can go our separate ways.

If you stick around, I’d love to hear from you and have conversations in the comments. I would like this to be a two-sided conversation, back and forth, not just me talking at you.

Thanks for hanging in there until the end. I’m looking forward to 2017 and I hope you are as well.

Here’s to new years and new beginnings!


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  1. Diane

    I would love to hear how your adventure into homesteading is going. I have always loved how the gardening, chickens and other animals meshed with our home schooling.

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  2. Tracy

    Well, I just wrote this long comment and it didn’t get saved! Poop! Anyways, just wanted to let you know I’ll make a more concerted effort to comment and give you my two cents. ☺️ On a side note, do you have anymore edleberry syrup for sale?

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