Clutter Free Christmas Gifts

If you are like me and do Christmas last minute and hate buying things that people won’t use, I’ve got some ideas for you for great, clutter free gifts. Everyone loves to get a gift, but no body likes clutter. Instead of just getting your loved one’s any little thing, why not get them something they can actually use? I’m a practical gal and I love practical gifts.

So, here’s a short list of clutter free Christmas gifts:

1) Fair Trade Organic Coffee. If you are not a coffee drinker, or don’t know any, then we need to reevaluate our relationship. Just kidding… kind of. Not only is the taste of this coffee amazing but you can feel good knowing that the company has worked with small farmers for over 25 years to ensure they get a fair price for their product. Everyone loves a good cup of joe, and it’s something that’s always nice to have on hand for guests even if you aren’t a coffee drinker yourself. This is where I would get my coffee from:

Fair Trade French Roast
Fair Trade Colombian
Fair Trade Ethiopian

And finally, for the sissy coffee drinkers-
Fair Trade Decaf

2) Restaurant Gift Cards are always a winner! Especially for the person who rarely splurges on eating out. Find out what their favorite restaurant is or what their favorite type of food is and bless the couple or whole family with a night out.

3) For the tea drinker, why not get a sample pack of some of the best blended herbal teas I know of? I have yet to taste one that was not delicious, and as a bonus these are all beneficial to your health as well.

Holiday Tea Collection- Bulk Herb Store

4) Homemade edible gifts are always great as a gift for the whole family. And it doesn’t just have to be cookies either! Maybe you have a killer homemade applesauce or apple butter, jam, or cocoa mix that you could give. I like to make up bottles of my elderberry syrup as gifts. Homemade vanilla would also be a great gift that is useful. Just work with what you’ve got and what you’re good at making.

Here’s an easy recipe for organic cocoa mix you can make at home:

1 cup of organic sugar
1/2 of organic cocoa
Mix the two together and package. To make a cup, use 2 tablespoons mix with 6-8 oz of milk, half and half, or cream. Package them in mason jars and tie a ribbon around them. Voila! Christmas in a bottle.

5) Finally, you could give the gift of service. If you know your loved one has been needing to tackle a project around the house, you could give them the gift of your time. Help them de-clutter, organize their garage, paint that room, or whatever it is that they need. We don’t always have to BUY gifts, some gifts are priceless.

Christmas is a time to celebrate and giving gifts is a wonderful way to do that. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or buy lots of little junky things to let someone know you care. Hand made gifts, time spent helping or serving, or small useful gifts can be enjoyed ¬†and appreciated by anyone.


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