Easy Goal Setting For Health In The New Year

Here it is folks, 2013 is drawing to a close. You may have reached some of your goals, you may have fallen far below the bar that you set for yourself, but either way you are headed in 2014. How do you want 2014 to look? How do you want to feel in 2014?

I  am a natural goal setter, it’s in my DNA, it’s a part of my personality. But even if you aren’t naturally geared that way it is statistically proven that people who set goals achieve more of them and in general accomplish more in life. So get out of the “if I don’t set any so I won’t be disappointed” mindset! That will do you no good. I’m going to give you a quick tip on how to set some  goals for the new year and feel good about them.

Let’s talk about health goals since that is what I’m all about-health. Most people make the mistake year after year and making it a goal to “lose those last 10 pounds”, or “stop eating sugar” or “exercise for 1 hr every day and become a fitness model :).” This kind of goal setting does not encourage you, it’s more discouraging than anything. Instead of focusing on what you need to get rid of or lose, focus on what you want to ADD. Instead of saying “I’m giving up sugar FOREVER!”, and feeling miserable when you mess up- why not make it a goal to eat more greens?

It’s that simple. Eat a big green salad every day. Start incorporating green smoothies into your diet a few times a week.

That seems doable, doesn’t it? When you set an achievable goal for yourself you are more likely to follow through. 3 months from now when you look back, you will feel good about the changes you’ve made. Also, the minute you feel deprived of some certain food, the more you want it. Why do that to yourself?

There is nothing wrong with setting yourself up for success. Set maybe 3 (more if you are ambitious) attainable health goals. It will still take discipline to hit these, but they should be easy enough that you know you can do it and word these goals positively. Remember, instead of “lose”, and “get rid of”, think of what you can add, and activities you can do.

The next thing to do is to set a stretch goal. This is a bigger goal, one that seems a little too far off to reach. A dream goal maybe. Once you have hit your other goals you can put your stretch goal in your eyesight and reach for it. No one ever hurt themselves reaching a little too high, but also keep in mind that this is the STRETCH goal and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach it.

The third thing to do is to celebrate every little “win”. Celebrate that you chose to eat a salad instead of fried chicken, celebrate that you took a walk instead of sitting on your duff. Take some time to remind yourself of what you HAVE accomplished, and spend very little time dwelling on what you didn’t.

You might surprise yourself this year by what you can accomplish when you combine your dreams and actions and prayer!


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