Homemade “Healthy” Fruit Roll Ups

I have been experimenting in the kitchen a lot lately, if you couldn’t tell, and I’m actually having a lot of fun along the way. This experiment was fun and delicious. You can find the original recipe at  Tasty Kitchen , but they used white sugar and we don’t do that anymore. I made them with sucanat, and I have to say, you can’t tell the difference. This can be done in your oven, I used my dehydrator. Sorry, I did not take pictures every step of the way, oh well you’ll just have to leave the rest up to your imagination.

So we started with 4 lbs of strawberries (I saw we because my husband did this with me), a little more than 1 cup of sucanat, and the juice of one lemon. We put all this in the food processor and mixed it well and then transfered to a pot and simmered on low for about 30 min. Then we poured it out onto our dehydrator sheets :



This was taken the next morning after the kids had already gotten into the second sheet 😉 We put these into the dehydrator for about 7 hrs, and that was it! The only problem here was that we decided to start this project at night, which meant I had to get up and turn the dehydrator off. Probably won’t do it that way again.



The next morning I rolled them up in paper and then sliced them like this



The kids love them!

If you want to know how to do this in your oven, check out this recipe on Tasty Kitchen.

Have fun experimenting!


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