How to make your own butter

Well, I bought some raw milk and cream from a local farm last weekend, with the intention of making my own butter. Crazy, right? I know for centuries women turned cream into butter, but it’s just not that common these days. Luckily we have modern technology which makes this task actually doable.

Have you ever wondered why women didn’t used to have to lift weights to have strong arms? It’s because they were kneading bread and churning butter, talk about a dual purpose workout!  But I took the easy way out, I used my food processor, so I guess that means I need to go lift some weights, hmm…

Anyhoo, here’s how it went. There are really a plethora of sites out there on the world wide web where you could find this information. So, I started with my raw cream in the food processor.



This is when it was the consistency of whipped cream. Don’t stop there! You have to keep going until you see the fat separating. Can you see my little sprouts in the back? I’m so excited to plant them, but I’m going to wait until after the frost this weekend. However, that has nothing to do with making butter, so let me just move on.



This is what you’re looking for, when the fat separates. Then you squeeze it together with a spoon and press the liquid out of it and transfer it to a bowl. Then you “wash” it, you can read more about that on heavenly homemakeruntil all the liquid is removed. Finally, you shape it into a nice, round, beautiful butter ball.



There you go! Fresh butter made straight from the cow… well pretty much. All in all this wasn’t terribly hard, although I’m not sure I want to do this every week. We’ll just have to see. Do you have any tips on making butter? Go ahead and share them, or if you’ve never tried it how about trying it now?

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