My Favorite Pregnancy Tea

This is for you pregnant mama’s out there, or those wanting to become pregnant. One of the things that sets the stage for you to have a GREAT pregnancy and labor is nutrition. We all know this, but sometimes it’s hard to make sure you are getting all of the necessary nutrients you need while pregnant. This Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew tea can help with that. If you make an infusion of this tea, you are flooding your body with almost all of the nutrients you need, not to mention the fluids you need while pregnant. My midwives always told me to shoot for a gallon of water/fluid a day! Yes, a gallon.

I have had 6 pregnancies and drank this tea throughout the last four. Not only is it the tastiest (over ice I don’t even need to sweeten it at all), but the benefits I have experienced are amazing! Sometimes I must admit that I get very tired of drinking water, especially when I’m pregnant. I had no trouble though supplementing my water intake with this delicious tea.

The tea contains Nettle which helps lessen swelling (hello, I’ve been 9 months pregnant in August 4 times!) and I believe it helped to shorten my labors. The four pregnancies where I drank this tea my labors were under 3 hrs! I will say I also did learn the Bradley Method and used it during those labors and pregnancies as well, I didn’t just drink the tea and “hope for a fast labor”. I put a lot of hard work in during the 9 months of pregnancy to ensure a fast and easy labor (like squatting for 10 minutes every night even though it was excrutiating). Red Raspberry played a big part as it helps to tone the uterus so that when you have contractions they are more productive.

I like it so much I’m still drinking it even though my baby is 6 months old. I just love things that make my life simpler, and shorter labors are definitely better than longer ones, right? Anyway, just thought I’d pass this tidbit along to any of you pregnant mama’s out there. You can read more about the tea here.

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