It’s here again. The start of a new year. The time when many of us decide to start afresh, make fantastic goals that we are going to “crush” in the new year, and come up with a list of all the things we won’t do. I have an idea I will toss your way, you can take it or leave it.

What if this year you didn’t make a list of “no’s”? What if you made a list of good things you wanted to ADD into your life?

Take, for example, the ever popular weight loss goal. Most resolutions for weight loss look like this: 1) Don’t eat anything enjoyable, 2)Workout 4 hrs a day, 3) Lose 20 lbs in the next week and so on. Okay, maybe that was a little exaggerated, but you get my point. Often we are focusing on what we want to get rid of, instead of what we want to increase.

What if your weight loss goal list looked like this:

1) Drink more water, start the day with 1-2 glasses and do your best to get 1/2 body weight in water
2) Add in more vegetables with every meal, shoot for 2/3- 1/2 of your plate being leafy greens or other vegetables.

3) Get moving every day, no matter what.

Doesn’t that seem a little easier?

This could apply to any goal you want to set. Want to read more this year? Make a book list and tell yourself you want to ADD reading 20 minutes a day into your life. Be realistic about your time and lifestyle and make your book list accordingly. Don’t shoot for a book a week if you only have 20 minutes to give to reading. Capeesh?

Also, as a side note on books, read what you want. Read what is enjoyable to you. Don’t fall into the trap that if it’s not self-help or non-fiction then it’s not worth your time. Some of the greatest works of all time, the books that have shifted cultures and entire generations, are works of fiction. Read for enjoyment of reading.

Want to be on social media less and more present with those around you? Look to the goals above, come up with other ideas of things you would LIKE to fill your time with and before you know it, you won’t have any time to be wasting on social media. Decide, I want to spend more time playing with my kids, or working on my creative outlets, or (insert your goal here). If you are working at attaining those small, doable goals, you will inevitably reach the bigger goal.

Life isn’t about all or nothing for most of us. For the vast majority, the all or nothing mindset is a recipe for disaster. There are some who function very well with an all or nothing mentality. For the rest of us, small incremental changes that we can attain every day are easier to sustain long-term. And long term sustainability is what we want, right? Once you “crush” these small goals go ahead and reach for some bigger goals. I’m not saying you shouldn’t challenge yourself. I’m suggesting you shift your focus onto what you want to see more of in your life, instead of what you don’t want to see.

Take it or leave it, that is how I’m approaching my goals for 2017. What’s topping your list for this year? Leave a comment here on the blog and inspire me with your resolutions.

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  1. Celeste Lyman

    Inspiring post!!
    Things I’m adding this year:
    1) Make sure to tell people I admire or love what it is I love about them while they are still on this side of the ground.
    2) As my Cousin Rufus says, ” You will never have time. You must take time.” I am going to take time for my family.

    1. Post

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