Strawberry Feta Basil Pizza

Sometimes it pays to think outside the box. I was putting together our sourdough pizza’s the other night, and just thought to try this and man was it delicious!!!

Strawberry Feta Basil Pizza

1 pizza dough ( I used a sourdough crust that my mom made for us, but you could use any kind you want, gluten-free or anything else)

Fresh strawberries, washed and sliced thin
Basil leaves, washed and thinly sliced
Feta Cheese
Parmesan cheese
Olive oil
Garlic powder

Spread the dough over your pizza pan. Lightly spread olive oil over the dough being sure to cover all the way up to the edges. Lightly sprinkle garlic powder over the crust. Then you can start arranging your strawberries. Spread them out pretty thin because of the juice, you don’t want it to be too wet. Sprinkle feta, parmesan, and basil all over and then bake. Actually we grill our pizza’s and it’s delicious! I realize this isn’t an exact recipe, it’s more of an idea. But I’m telling you, this flavors were beautiful together!

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